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Transformation to Thrive! Feel Alive, Abundant, Joyful and Fulfilled!

Consulting for true success and life balance

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Transformational Life Coaching for Health Care Professionals

Soar to TRUE Success

The difficult truth is that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. When you are honest with yourself, are you happy, joyful and fulfilled in your personal and professional life?
The fact is, you are in a career that identifies as one of the top careers in the world for income and work-life balance... therefore, when you feel unhappy, directionless or unfulfilled, there is a sense of disconnect and isolation from your peers! Do you need help taking your life back? Dr Robert Trujillo is one of the only highly trained and qualified transformational life coaches that specializes in high achieving health care providers in the US and world! You do not have to suffer or feel stuck! Our consulting program specializes in guiding you to identify your authentic values, limiting beliefs, and human needs and aligns them with your biggest goals so that you can be successful and fulfilled at the same time! RT Consulting uses certified coaching frameworks known as High Performance Coaching and Strategic Intervention so you can transform your life permanently. You CAN love your life again and it starts with the clarity to rebuild your passion, vitality, and energy! 
The transformation in you is the key to unlocking your business potential and when your daily actions align with your values and beliefs your personal and professional life will thrive! 

Here's How It Works

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Schedule a free strategy call to determine if you are a candidate for RTC! We will discover your needs and goals and how RTC can help.

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Align your values and beliefs with your daily actions! With crystal clear clarity around your current situation versus where you want to be, we will create a step by step guide to the best version of yourself.

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Achieve your biggest goals with certainty! In our 4 month program, we will use proven psychological tools to rewire your mindset, belief system, and energy state to achieve happiness AND high achievement. 

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With true clarity around your values and beliefs you will create a congruent life with more fulfillment and success than you could have ever imagined! 

Meet Dr. Robert Trujillo

Transformational Life Coach & Orthodontist 

"What I love most about what I do is helping others find real solutions to the real problems that are weighing them down…The same problems that are preventing them from living their best life."

I wanted to be an orthodontist for so many reasons. I got to be my own business owner, make my own schedule, build incredible teams, support the community, help patients transform their smile, and express my creative and artistic self...all while earning a great income! But, even after 10 years of practice, 6 and 7 figures a year later, there was still something very big missing from my life.  I thought I was missing my next achievement, business goal or milestone, so I worked harder and harder... and harder! I put my career before my relationships, my family, my marriage, and myself. Despite reading countless books on personal development, weekend workshops and podcasts, I felt my happiness and fulfillment continue to fall out from beneath me and I began to sink into a pit of hopelessness! If you are a high achieving health care provider living with the pain of burnout and the hopelessness to fix it, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Achieving happiness and high achievement at the same time is something that I have studied extensively for over 10 years and a notion that I am very passionate about! I know what it is like to feel intense pain from burnout and unfulfillment, but I also know what it is like to transcend that life and achieve true happiness, joy, and high performance! I can help you with the tools you need to make a permanent transformation!

 I have studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through Brown University, and Mindfulness, Brain Health, and Integrative Behavioral Health through Harvard University. I am a certified High Performance Coach, Strategic Intervention Transformational Life Coach, and Gallup Global Strength Coach. In addition, I have well over 1000 hours of continuing education in goal setting, goal achievement, high performance, and mindfulness. During this transformative process I learned that I did love my career and that it was not my life that was out of balance... but instead my thoughts, feelings, and actions and fixing this subconscious program is much more difficult than one would expect! From my experience in science based coaching, studying high achievement and happiness, and 10 years of business ownership and clinical practice, I have condensed what I have learned and developed a 16 week transformative program to help you align your authentic self, goals, career, family, and hobbies for a rich and fulfilling life. 

If you are a high achieving health care provider feeling like something is missing in your life, you are not alone! More importantly, you don't have to tackle this problem by yourself or take 10 years, 20 years or even a life time trying to figure it out! My transformational life coaching framework will uncover your most important values in life, reveal unconscious limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs, as well as discover life changing tools to take action in your life like never before! You will be able to make important life decisions as they arise with more ease and clarity. Your business success, happiness and fulfillment will skyrocket! You deserve it! 


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Welcome to RTC

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Consider what your life would look like if you felt true joy and freedom daily. If you knew your authentic values and what your life purpose was would you hesitate to go after it...


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Evidence Based Coaching

As a certified life and high performance coach you can feel confident in knowing that our coaching is evidence based, proven, and ethical. Our 4 month program will guide you through a series of powerful self exploration sessions to achieve unshakable clarity and vision in our life. Next we will course correct your life's direction, meaning, and relationships. Lastly discover how to map your life and business goals in congruence with your values and belief system. 


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To change... something has to change! You can't think your way out of a problem!

How about you let us help?

Sign up for RTC's Clarity To Thrive coaching program 



  • Extensive Personality and Human Needs Assessment 
  • Freedom From Anger and Sadness
  • More Time Doing Things You Love (Less Time Doing Things You Don't Love)
  • Create New Meaning To Your Life and Daily Actions
  • Create Outstanding Relationships In Every Area Of Your Life
  • Clearly Identify Your Values 
  • Uncover Your True Identity For Fulfillment 
  • Business Mastery Tools So You Can Work Smarter Not Harder
  • Map Your Way To Your Top Personal and Professional Goals
  • Plus, professional guidance through your biggest challenges

RTC Guarantee

In this coaching program we offer a full money back guarantee that you will learn powerful tried and true tools to identify your values, authentic identity, needs, clarity, and self awareness, required to transform a life for greater fulfillment and joy in a high achieving career!

What others are saying:

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Male, 48 years old


I feel like I finally have control over my thoughts and happiness! For the first time in decades, I am excited about my future and have more inspiration and energy to actually achieve my goals! I am forever grateful for this transformation! 

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Male, 39 years old


My mind is blown! I cannot begin to express how powerful my experience was! I have learned more in a few hours than years of therapy! Highly Recommend!

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Male, 41 years old


I was burnt out and ready to sell my office to a DSO for the wrong reasons. RTC helped me fall in love with my office again and create more joy in my life! My office and life are thriving like never before and I could not be more thrilled! Thank you so much for this gift! 

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