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Helping Others Bring Back That Zeal, Joy, and Sense of Fulfillment!


Life can often feel like a never-ending cycle of work and responsibilities. We get caught up in the daily grind, constantly striving for success and trying to prove our worth. But amidst all this chaos, have you stopped to ask yourself what truly brings you joy? Are you living the life that you've always wanted or are there areas that could use improvement?

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Embrace Your Journey To Success With RT Consulting

Do you feel like you want to "fix" or "change" your life or restore a healthy work-life balance? Want to rediscover true happiness and incorporate more of it into your daily existence? I hear you loud and clear! As a successful business owner myself, I can definitely relate to your thoughts and feelings. We pour our heart and soul into our businesses, believing that the more we think, work, and worry about it, the more likely it will thrive. But here's the thing: life is about so much more than just work. Unfortunately, these days it feels like work demands more and there's no way to fix it.

But don't worry, we can overcome this dilemma together. It all starts with understanding our mindset and beliefs about happiness, success, and self-worth. The real problem lies in the gap between the life we envision and the life we're currently living. And what's worse, we often don't even know the rules to bridge this gap. Without the rules, we can't win the game of closing that reality gap. That's where RT Consulting comes in. We'll work with you to identify the areas of your life that need the most attention and create a comprehensive plan with clear priorities.

Are you ready to identify the obstacles holding you back from living your desired life? Through a blend of foundational life coaching techniques, therapy, and psychological principles, we'll uncover how to take meaningful action and create the life you've always yearned for. We'll bring clarity to what your ideal life looks like and break it down into actionable steps to move you closer to your authentic goals.

Get ready to design a life that's truly aligned with your aspirations and take the necessary daily actions to manifest it. Together, we'll create an action plan that propels you forward on your journey towards a fulfilling and authentic life. Let's start this transformative process today!



Here's How It Works

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Book one-hour consultation. No obligations and no strings attached — just an opportunity to experience how our consulting firm can help transform your life.

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Align your values and beliefs with your daily actions! We’ll bring out the best that you can be by first mapping out your current state, contrasting it to what you want to become, and guiding you every step of the way.

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The key to all success is ACTION. Reach your greatest aspirations with confidence. In a span of four months, we’ll help you attain a high level of satisfaction and happiness through effective mechanisms that recalibrate your way of thinking, inclinations, and energy flow.


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Get massive results in your purpose, relationships, and life! By having a clear assessment of your values and beliefs and a step by step accountability blueprint, you’ll create a well-balanced life that gives you more pride and joy while having more time to appreciate your success and feel fulfilled.

Meet Dr. Robert Trujillo

Certified Transformational Life Coach & Orthodontist 

"I'm passionate about guiding others on their journey to transform into the best versions of themselves and achieve remarkable success. My mission is to be a great source of inspiration, motivation, and support by showcasing how they can make meaningful progress towards reaching their goals through developing new solutions for any challenges standing in the way - creating opportunities for an abundant life filled with happiness and joy!" -Dr. Robert Trujillo


I’ve always been passionate about the idea of achieving true happiness and success, so I’ve diligently studied it for over 10 years. Perhaps like you, in the past I have also struggled with chronic stress, feeling stuck, burnout and unfulfillment, but I’ve managed to experience real happiness, high performance, and achievement. Allow me to share with you the tools necessary for your life’s permanent transformation.

I am a certified High-Performance Coach, Strategic Intervention Transformational Life Coach, and Gallup Global Strength Coach. I studied Mindfulness, Brain Health, and Integrative Behavioral Health at Harvard University and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at Brown University. I’ve also completed 1000's of hours of continuing education in mindfulness, goal setting, goal achievement, high performance, and clinical psychology.

Using my experience in evidence-based coaching, learnings about happiness and high achievement, and nearly a decade of business ownership and clinical practice, I was able to design a 16-week transformative program. This will help you reclaim your authentic, enthusiastic self, reignite your passion, and align your goals, family, and career for a productive and fulfilling life. 

Do you feel incomplete despite all the hard work and effort you make towards your life? You’re not alone in this battle. Let’s figure things out together! With my transformational life coaching framework, extensive entrepreneurial background, and training in psychology, you’ll discover your most important values in life, unconscious limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs, and powerful tools that will transform every area of your life.

By assisting you in crafting a customized blueprint for your optimal life, we aim to provide clarity and inspiration. Our approach involves meticulously developing an action plan while offering relentless professional support throughout your journey.


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Build a Fulfilling Life With RTC

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What would your life be if you experienced genuine happiness and freedom each day?

Certainly, you would gravitate toward a life where your authentic values are promoted and life’s purpose realized...


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Evidence Based Coaching


With a certified life and high-performance coach like me, you can expect science-based consulting that’s effective and ethical. My four-month program includes meaningful and enlightening self-exploration sessions that will let you rediscover your vision and goals in life so that nothing will stop you. 

We’ll get your life back on track toward direction, purpose, and healthy relationships. Then, we’ll help you build a life and career aspirations that are outlined after your beliefs and values.


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Want to solve a problem? You’ll have to actively make the necessary changes.

Let us guide you.

Join RTC's Transformation to Thrive coaching program!



  • Bring back necessary energy to establish a good work-life balance.

  • Discover your purpose to stay motivated and conquer burnout and tiring repetitions.

  • Undergo a comprehensive assessment of your personality and human needs.

  • Liberate yourself from frustration and misery.

  • Substantially allot more time in your schedule.

  • Give new purpose to your life and daily routines.

  • Build healthy and strong relationships in all facets of your life.

  • Determine your values with certainty.

  • Live a fulfilling life by unraveling your true self.

  • Work smarter, not harder, by utilizing business mastery tools.

  • Map out the road toward your personal and professional aspirations.

  • Receive professional advice through your biggest hurdles.


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