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Robert Trujillo Consulting Empowers Healthcare Professionals to Build Their Dream Life and Career

Through compassion and genuine connection, Dr. Trujillo helps health care professionals break free from burnout or unhappiness and achieve true success.

Serving in the healthcare industry is both a rewarding and stressful experience. Despite the financial security and prestige that their careers offer, several healthcare professionals still end up overwhelmed, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

A board-certified orthodontist and a transformational life coach, Dr. Robert Trujillo has gone through similar struggles. He knows how hard and painful it can be to sacrifice what’s truly important — family, relationships, and self — for something that doesn’t match your beliefs, values, and identity.

As a healthcare life coach, he seeks to help more high-achieving healthcare professionals like you achieve a well-balanced life while keeping your practice or career and your vision of true success aligned. This is made possible with his expertise, experiences, evidence-based coaching, and valuable insights.

For over a decade, Dr. Robert Trujillo has remained committed to uncovering the secrets to a successful career as well as real happiness and fulfillment. He studied different fields, including psychology, strategic intervention, and high-performance coaching to build an ethical, evidence-based framework that brings clarity, focus, and transformative changes. All these effective methods and strategic interventions are encapsulated in our 16-week coaching program, Transformation To Thrive.




Transformation to Thrive is a one-on-one life coaching and consulting experience focused on inspiring a journey of self-discovery and clarity of vision. 

We aim to help you identify the biggest roadblocks that prevent you from unlocking your maximum potential, conquer these barriers, and reignite your passion to achieve greater things. Our life coach, strengths coach, and healthcare coach Dr. Trujillo is equipped to help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle with a thriving, fulfilling career that gives you freedom and real happiness.

Dr. Trujillo says, “Stop just making a living, and start designing a life you love!”

With enough empathy, open communication, and a genuine desire to support others without judgment, Dr. Trujillo allows burned-out healthcare professionals to build a roadmap based on their most important values and belief system. He helps you take control of your life and growth journey with the right psychological and business mastery tools.


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A truly fulfilling life is waiting for you ...

Many local and international healthcare professionals are happy with the Transformation To Thrive program. They’ve gained freedom from burnout, stress, and overwhelming emotions. Our clients feel more connected to themselves and are more enthusiastic about realizing their goals and dreams with confidence.

As one of our clients shared, “I feel like I finally have control over my thoughts and happiness! For the first time in decades, I am excited about my future and have more inspiration and energy to actually achieve my goals! I am forever grateful for this transformation!” 

Be the next one to experience that transformation!


Introducing Robert Trujillo Consulting: True Success and Fulfillment ...


Transformation to Thrive

  • Undergo comprehensive assessment of your personality and human needs.

  • Gain more energy and vigor to reach your most fulfilling goals.

  •  Liberate yourself from frustration and misery.

  • Give new purpose to your life and daily routines.

  • Determine your values with certainty.

  •  Map out the road toward your personal and professional aspirations.


  • Work smarter, not harder, by utilizing business mastery tools

  • Build healthy and strong relationships in all facets of your life.

  • Enhance work-life balance for the entire team.

  • And so much more...

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In this coaching program we offer a full money back guarantee that you will learn powerful tools to identify your values, authentic identity, needs, clarity, and self awareness, required to transform your life for greater fulfillment and joy in your high achieving career!  Finally, a consulting firm that focuses on true metrics of success! 

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